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We have the great pleasure to be the host of “The Call Back 2022 – Denmark”, i forbindelse med Awakening Europe i Rotterdam til juli 2022. Arrangementet vil blive afholdt i Aarhus og København.

It will be exciting to work together with Awakening Europe about the outreach in Aarhus, following the main event in Rotterdam, Holland. Awakening Europe has since 2015 been hosting big campaigns in Nürnberg, Stockholm, Prag, Vienna, Riga and Australia. In connection with the upcoming campaign in Rotterdam, Awakening is using the opportunity to call back people to their origin – “The Call Back”.

We have been in these countries
The founder, Ben Fitzgerald

From the previous events Awakening Europe has gathered 20-30.000 people, and they have been incredible events. The theme has always been: “Europe Shall Be Saved”.

With that theme, we are also calling Danish people to support the project in Denmark, when we are gathering for prayer, and reaching out to the Danes with the joyful message of Jesus.



Each morning at 10am we will gather for worship and to hear from local and international speakers. We will worship, pray , and teach on evangelism for outreach.


The purpose of the street outreaches is two-fold. First, for the lost to hear the Gospel and experience God’s love. And secondly, for believers to step past fear and be activated in evangelism.
From 1pm each day we will head out in groups for outreach. Don’t worry if this is your first time!! We will have evangelists leading each team and helping you in approaching people to start the conversation about JESUS!!

During outreach, we will not only share the Gospel and pray for the sick, but FREE TICKETS that say “Freedom festival” will also be handed out for the evening meeting during the street outreaches.


From 7pm each night we will gather for a large public meeting. This is COMPLETELY FREE and those coming without a ‘free ticket’ will still be able to attend. This is a great opportunity for the local church to invite family, friends and co workers to hear the gospel and have their life radically changed by Jesus.